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Friendly advice| ladies stop sleeping inside the(taxi) car. Look what happened to this lady

Most people love sleeping inside the car, they find it a good comfort zone to rest, more especially when they're having long trips or tired.

Sleeping in a car is like a drug, once you start sleeping inside the car it will be hard for you to stop, Whenever when you get inside the car you will just take a few minutes awake then catch sleep.

This young man here is complaining about the lady sleeping next to him that she was busy releasing unpleasant air. He thinks the lady ate eggs or beans because she was truly releasing bombs with her back compound.

Other passengers were complaining about her smell, they were busy taking her videos making jokes about her. Those know the lady they say she is an aggressive woman, if one could have tried to wake her up and tell her what she is doing, she was gonna start a fight.

Let this be a warning to everyone who loves to sleep inside cars. It is not healthy at all, because you might have a bad dream and course accident.

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