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Two Robbers Shot Dead & Two Were Injured In Intense Shootout With Cops

There was a Robbery at a supermarket: Komga, Amathole, Eastern Cape. Two robbers were shot dead and two were left injured. The situation which led to this unfortunate incident for the suspects to get shot has not been revealed to the general public, however we have this underlying impression that the suspects went out with the sole purpose of committing a robbery and they ended up in a situation where they simply got shot and killed.

Now it is unfortunate that something like this has happened but we have the understanding that criminals go out knowing that it could be their last day and they accept it, they even accept the fact that they sometimes have to hurt the ordinary members of this society in order to get what they want and that is where many people disagree with them.

They were probably shooting when the security guards or the police retaliated in kind and shot back at the suspect managing to kill two of them, the authorities are always pleading with the general public to provide any kind of information that will lead to the successful prosecution of suspects who are involved in criminal activities.

Only this way can we be in a situation where we actually get to see crime not being perpetrated as much it is something that we definitely need to look forward to, because it creates a very unfavourable situation for the citizens as they don't have to struggle or worry about crime.

The suspects could have simply been shot as they tried to terrorize other ordinary members of the public so the authorities had no option but to shoot and kill the suspects who were also very much willing to shoot back at the police, so they had no choice whatsoever but to shoot back.

This is definitely something that is a bit alarming and concerning because after having shot them it is clear that the suspects who survived were given first aid medical intervention before being transported to hospital, and the other ones who had died unfortunately ended up dying but we have the understanding that if they were taken into police custody they would end up in prison being fed through the system.

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Eastern Cape Komga


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