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“We are being disrespected by these fence jumpers”| Mzansi reacted after the ZANUPF did this in SA

As we all know that South Africans has developed an intense hatred towards Zimbabwean internationals so this case never seem to stop as day in and day out South Africans will be urging Ramaphosa to send all of them to Zimbabwe, however it appears that Ramaphosa is not listening to what they are saying at All.

Some couple of days ago there was a trending video of the ZANUPF members applauding Ramaphosa for allowing them to to launch another ZanuPF branch in polokwane. Yes you heard me right The ZANUPF has launched another branch in Polokwane. However this is not their first one because late December they opened their first official Branch in Kempton Park.

It seems like the ZANUPF isn't scared of South Africans at all, as there are rioting to send Zimbabwean nationals home, but still The ZANUPF is roaming free around Mzansi opening branches after branches.

A lot of people were annoyed after watching that video of the ZANUPF members launching their branch in Plk and they felt disrespected as Zimbabweans are doing whatever they like in Mzansi whereas South Africans are busy campaigning for them to leave. What angered South Africans the most is the fact that back in January the ZANUPF attempted to take the South African government to court for not allowing Zimbabweans back in Mzansi.

“We are being disrespected by these fence jumpers,” a Twitter user reacts.

However he was backed up by a lot of people who were saying that Zimbabweans are disrespectful and Ramaphosa has sold the country. Many South Africans were really annoyed and others were wondering if the ZANUPF will be contesting in the upcoming elections since they are launching branches across Mzansi.

See how people reacted to this tweet below :


I think what the ZANUPF and the Ramaphosa are trying to do is good because what South Africa and Zimbabweans need is unity.

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