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RIP: See Cute Photos Of A Handsome Student Who Killed Himself In His Room, After Making A Post

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Juba Babatande Phillips, a gorgeous young man who was found dead in a hotel room after posting a suicide note in his state, committed suicide. He was in a hostel room with a poisonous substance next to him, which he allegedly drank. Below is a list of some of the

is a suicide note in which he expresses his dissatisfaction with his job.

When the doctors arrived at the hospital to take him, he was already dead.

The young man in the photos below seems stunned.

He understood for some reason that this fine student had completed his life, but there was no need to end yours. You might seek assistance from relatives and friends by telling them about the problem or problems. If there are issues, be open about them. No one around you believes you can talk to and be strong with, that you can pray honestly, and that you can answer God. As long as life carries on, there is hope. Depression is the devil on its own, and you'll keep using it to get to the person you want to destroy. Any problem is difficult to solve. Remember that as God redeems you, He has given Himself to you.

Suicide is never an option.

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Juba Babatande Phillips


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