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Be careful of this new Money Scam currently being used in SA, Here are the details

In South Africa, there are a great number of crooks who exploit the innocent and unwary. The objective of these criminals is to obtain as much money and property as possible from their victims by means of cons and trickery. Recently, another one of these frauds was uncovered. Detailed information about it, as well as advice on how to avoid being duped by it, may be found below.


A new scheme meant to defraud individuals desperate for cash has been uncovered. In the scheme, crooks would target their victim in a grocery store and then drop a package that appears to contain a wad of cash. The truth is, however, that only the bills on top of that bundle of currency are genuine, while the rest are only newspaper scraps.

They would then direct the victim's attention to the "cash" on the floor and inquire if it belonged to them. Once they answer no, the criminal would urge the victim to leave the store so they can go to a discreet area to divide the money.

They would drive to a more secluded area where the victim would be robbed of their money and possessions.

In the most recent incidence, which occurred on Wednesday, a woman was duped by the same scheme, but as she and the perpetrator were leaving the store, they were stopped by a man posing as a police officer. He informed her that she was being arrested for stealing and coerced her and the impostor to enter the vehicle. They took her to another location where she was subsequently robbed.

So far, the arrests:

The crooks returned to the business yesterday, but this time the crew was prepared. Two of the criminal organization's members were apprehended by the personnel as they attempted to depart the area. One of them was positively identified by the prior victim.

How to protect oneself:

To protect yourself safe It is essential to maintain constant vigilance and awareness of one's surroundings in order to avoid being a victim of fraud. Do not accept or attempt to take money that is not yours, especially if another individual is involved. Most essential, do not accept to visit a private spot with a stranger or get into their automobile.

I urge all South Africans to educate themselves on the most recent scams being perpetrated in order to avoid falling prey to them.

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