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ANGRY Opinion - The recent distasteful and astonishing news about carrying a DOM PASS

I never really understood the terminology or saying - - - '' THE MORE THINGS CHANGE, THE MORE THEY REMAIN THE SAME '',,,,, before, until a recent sullied statement (of vaccine passport) recently made by the ruling party. The ruling party's repulsive and distasteful statement about discriminating between the vaccinated and unvaccinated left my forever questioning brain in dismay.

The recent distasteful and astonishing news about carrying a DOM PASS aka REFERENCE BOOK and now called ID - - - - IDENTITY DOCUMENT or in today's justifying pretty name ( VACCINE PASSPORT) left me wondering why did we fight apartheid and racial discrimination if 27 years later, the very same leaders who were there during the dark days of this country are now seeing it as an important tool to utilize against those who have a different opinion and refuse to be misled and controlled like headlines chickens???

Kanti ngempela - - - SENZENI??? (WHAT HAVE WE DONE??? Viruses that brought deadly diseases before have come and gone, but not even once were we ever, ever been treated this way. TB, AIDS, CANCER and many more killer diseases have visited our shores and still around, but non of the above mentioned diseases have ever made any citizen's life so important in the unsuspecting naked eye.

All the above mentioned diseases are highly contagious and and have killed and still killing millions of people every year. We never had an AIDS passport confirming one's status to future sexual partners. A person tests HIV positive today but let go free to spread it to poor men, women and even unborn children. Nobody cares about that. I wonder why!!!

Tomorrow we are not going to be allowed to buy groceries, travel by train, bus, taxi, aeroplane and all other means of public transport if not vaccinated. We are not going to be allowed to enter most of the public buildings and institutions like banks, clinics, hospitals, post-offices, bottle stores, supermarkets and all other public businesses, just because we are not vaccinated.

We may be HIV positive and /or have TB symptoms but still be allowed to do whatever we want to do without being asked for a DOM PASS to be a free world participant. But a vaccine passport or aka vaccine confirmation document has suddenly become a very important document in one's life. Even your grade 12 or university certificate is not as important as this one newly found document. I wonder why!!!

I know that some of you are glaring at these new developments with hopeless eyes and anger, but fail or fear to question their integrity because your wings are either clipped or you have been given an ultimatum that threatens your source of income and livelihoods.

If vaccines help, I'm very happy for those who have taken it and got saved from this horrendous disease. But question people's hesitancy, refusal and choosing to forcefully do something to their own bodies against their will and /or giving them a life threatening ultimatum makes me wonder if - - - - IS OUR CONSTITUTION STILL SACROSANCT????

THIS LITTLE PIECE OF CONSTITUTIONAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL QUESTIONS WAS WRITTEN BY Bongeka Chili. I write what I think needs to be asked or written without anyone's influence, but my own free thinking abilities.

This is just my Opinion nothing much...

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