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"I need a man to come and paint my room" said a lady on Twitter

Web-based media webpage Twitter is utilized by Millions of individuals regularly for a wide range of reasons, certain individuals go through it for keeping with the most recent news, certain individuals use it for associating with others, while others use it for advancing their organizations. 

Nonetheless, this lovely woman took to her Twitter record to search for a man to come and paint her room, as she posted this message... 

"I want a man matured 28+ to come and paint my room. 😓" - She composed. 

As you can envision, incalculable young fellows immediately reacted to her post, as they needed to be the ones to paint her room, simply take a gander at how some of them reacted to her post... 

"Allow me to prepare my instruments, I am needed" 

"I will leave my hustle for yourself and come paint the entire house for you." 

"Mina I wouldn't fret painting the entire house 🏡..." 

Source: - ungsy196g&s=19 

Content created and supplied by: Celeciah_M (via Opera News )


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