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PHOTO: 'This Is Rosemary Ndlovu Before She Killed Her Family Members And Boyfriend For The Love Of Money

Rosemary has been accused of killing six of her family members and now she wants to plead innocence in the court of law when there is serious evidence that has been gathered against her, if she fails to defend herself or come up with anything that would make the court give her bail she is going to get arrested for a very long time.

Initially she used to come into the court without chains and be able to walk freely but now it seems like she can't even do that, it is unclear if the the court has frozen her assets because she is wearing the same clothes in court as if her family members are prevented from delivering her clothing items.

The accusations that are lodged against her are really compromising and comprehensive so this is something that is going to be discussed in the court of law, but chances are she will get arrested for the crimes that she has committed.

The image shows that she was looking very ordinary in her job as a South African police officer, you can tell that we wouldn't even think that she is capable of such acts but it is clear that high life is something that she desired the most and since she was a former police officer she wanted to maintain that kind of lifestyle.

In order to keep living a better life she came up with a plan to kill some of her family members and collect on their life insurance and funeral policies that she opened for the rest of her family without their consent.

Even after she had lost her job to continue to pay for those life insurance policies religiously, which is the reason why her money could have been spent very quickly because of the monthly payments she would have had to keep up with.

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