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Road Accident

KWAZULU-NATAL: Sensitive PICS Of A Mini Bus Overturned After Trying To Dodge This On The ROAD. Sad.


Today we are waking up to the sad story that left so many people in a heartbreak because they were never expecting to hear this kind of news usually in the morning. We don't even know where we will drive at because it looks like you can drive properly on the road while some people are not doing. That it is more important to make sure that there are cameras and traffic on the route, just so they can stop wherever that is driving as they pleased. The reason they should do that is because there are some people on the road that are driving as if they own everything.

It's not really a good thing to be involved in a car accident while you are heading somewhere with your family members. We are just tired of experience in the dark cloud every day because this looks like we have no one to act welcome into this kind of things. Some people are saying that there should be stops on each corner of the room, just so each driver could limit their speed when they reach the corners. This is totally heartbreak because those things are happening almost each year.

Some people are saying that the car dealers should make sure that they invent a car that will stop when is about to make an accident. We are just tired, I've buried our loved ones every day because of the accident that are happening on the Road. The reason those kinds of things is happening because there are so many traffic officers who are selling drivers licenses. They really interested with what they're doing because somehow they are also killing themselves without even realizing it. It has been said that it's those people that buys driver's licenses that are always making accidents on the road, and they should not be proud of that. Some people are happy that there is no one that lost their lives in the accident because people are losing lives.

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