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'See What Muslims Did To A Muslim Lady For Attended A Party.

After she was caught attending a party and was beaten to stupor, a Muslim girl was beaten to stupor (Video):

A disturbing video has been shared on social media of a Muslim girl who was severely assaulted after she was discovered going to a party and getting into trouble.

In this video, you can see four guys with lengthy canes hitting a young girl who was on her knees. They are serious and brutal in their treatment of her. After further inquiry, it was discovered that the boys had been ordered to beat the girl by their instructor, Madrasah Musbaudeen, who had been recognized as the perpetrator. This occurred at a Muslim-only Arabic-language school.

Yes, this girl violated Muslim rules and doctrines, but was this the appropriate way to discipline her? After watching this video, I believe it was nothing more than child maltreatment, and those responsible should be apprehended and corrected to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else in the future.

Having said that, all individuals concerned, including the instructor, should be obligated to express regret to the pupil in writing. Despite the fact that it will not alleviate the agony of the traumatic event, it will go a long way toward demonstrating that there are limitations to the application of discipline.

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