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124 years old and still going. Here is her secret to prolonged life

A South African lady, Sefi Oyeyemi, was brought into the world in Durban in 1896. She survived both World wars, saw the nation be driven by several legislators. In the South African book or records, she is recorded as the most seasoned living individual on the planet - on March 14, she turned 124 years of age. Sefi figured out how to outlast her friends as well as numerous offspring of her companions. 

This extraordinary incredible grandma routinely goes through clinical assessments. Consistently the specialists say the same thing: she's pretty much as in great shape, she could make life surprisingly difficult for space travellers in such a manner. 

Despite a long life, Sefi Oyeyemi seldom left her field home and consistently denied at whatever point her youngsters would present to move her to the city. Her kids were, normally, worried about leaving a lady of such age alone. Be that as it may, Sefi can't muster enough willpower to care about her age. 

Sefi Oyeyemi lives on an enormous wooden horse, which was worked by her late spouse. The older lady deals with the home. Other than that, she additionally has a 10-section of the land garden the aggregate of which she develops yearly. She likewise focuses on a brood of hens and her goat, Molly. What's more, shockingly, the elderly person has sufficient energy for all of this. 

She was visited at the centenarian to talk with her and uncover her primary mystery - how would you live so long and not get sick. While getting a charge out of Mrs Sefi Oyeyemi dazzling tea brew, we understand that she has different concerns other than us. Not having any desire to burn through her time, we promptly quit wasting time on our visit. 

- See, you have carried on with a long life. Significantly longer than any other individual. How could you figure out how to do that? 

- Yes, I have currently more than once let everybody know who posed me this inquiry (writers are consistent visitors in my home). Everything's with regards to clean veins. My beloved companion Ben let me know that, back before the conflict. Ben lived here, he was a cultivator. Every one of the people from all around would come to him to be dealt with, individuals came even from adjoining towns. 

However, at that point, he got drafted into the military to battle in the conflict and never returned... We used to be neighbours. He would come over in the nights for the most part for tea and we would talk. He was the person who let us know how to treat what part of the body. I had a sister in those days. 

She had a few issues with her well-being. My folks treated her veins and hence, she improved. Since the time then, at that point, we've been certain that spotless vessels are the way to phenomenal wellbeing and our entire family would have them cleaned consistently. 

Tragically both our folks kicked the bucket in a grievous mishap in 1987. Furthermore, my sister additionally lived for quite a while, yet short of what me. She kicked the bucket when she was 95. I likewise ensured every one of my children knew the significance of keeping their vessels clean. 

Thusly, the mystery of life span lies in the vessels; they should be cleaned every once in a while. Yet, no one does that, that is the reason they kick the bucket early. This is particularly valid for the old that lives in urban areas.


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