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Road Accident

Truck with alcohol overturned last night on the N1 in Bloemfontein

A truck loaded with alcohol overturned on the N1 In Bloemfontein South last night motorists got the opportunity to loot on the left over alcohol that was left on the road, for the first their looting was turned into good thing as they were looting so the road was being cleaned up.

Last night a truck overturned after one driver of another truck tried to overtake on a sharp curve and unfortunately, his truck wasn't picking up speed and car where coming on the on coming lane.

On the N1 in Bloemfontein the road were filled with alcohol after the accident, no serious injuries where recorded also no death recorded on the scene.

People celebrate the accident as usual in South Africa looting is common during an accident of truck with food or any things that people find valuable to them.

Amazing this happened yesterday last night and the driver saved other people's lives while he risked his own by make a hard brake to stop before the other truck colliding with the on coming traffic.

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Bloemfontein South Africa


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