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Rosemary Ndlovu Almost Got Away With All 6 Murders, This Was her Only Mistake [Opinion]

Date: 22/10/21



On Friday the 22nd of October, Rosemary Ndlovu was found guilty of murdering 6 of her relatives for the life insurance money. The case had dragged on for almost 2 months but the judgement was finally handed and the ruling was without reasonable doubt that she was guilty. The country is still awaiting sentencing to know how many years she will get but it all looks bad, but she could have gotten away with this whole thing if she had not made one mistake.


As South Africans know, the only reason she had to go to court and she was found to be killing these relatives was because she had another hit made. She wanted to kill her relative together with the kids but this time the person she had hired to do the job had cold feet. This is when a police officer went undercover and took a video of her planning to kill the relatives.

Her only mistake was not using a reliable person. If the man who was hired to kill the relatives did their job just like the other 6, no one would have figured out her evil ways. This woman could have continued killing family members one by one and got away with it. The true hero is the person who was hired to kill the rest.


This is a case that shows how effective police officers are at committing crimes. It was because she was a police officer for so long that she was able to know how to avoid getting caught for so long. This then makes South Africans wonder how many police officers actually get away with it and up until today they are not found. Strict monitoring of police officials is definitely needed in the country.

What is your take on the matter?

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