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"There's A Third Passenger" Man Expose Something Fishy As Last Person In Ferrari Shooting Is Missing

"There's A Third Passenger" Man Expose Something Fishy As Last Person In Ferrari Shooting Is Missing.

The news surrounding the death of a young rich South African man has yet to be solved as it puzzles many as to why and who would be behind this tragic hit on a man, to the point that killing him is the only thing that can solve their issues.

Just two days ago a rather shocking news hit most social media platforms especially Twitter and Facebook, that's the report of a man name Muzi who was shot nothing less that 20 times in his R7 million red Ferrari sports car.

Unfortunately, the shooting of Mr Muzi also claimed the lives of two other people of which one is a young lady named Gugu Omusha, whom was an innocent person who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was said that Gugu Omusha decided to leave her boyfriend's car in order to get a luxury ride in Muzi's Ferrari, on their way to the location they were to hang out. Sadly 300 meters away, they got shot.

However, more questions have puzzled the public who have been trying to understand the issues and even see if they could fish out the culprit. But one big question still stands unanswered as a man indicated there was a third passenger in the vehicle.

According to a comment made on the Facebook post announcing the shooting, a man known simply as Nape, there were two guys and a lady in the vehicle but all reports are saying it was just Muzi and Gugu.

This question that is making heads turns has indicated that the third person might have been another innocent person at the wrong place and time or that he planned the hit alongside. A probable inside job

Source: Facebook

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