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Check what these guys did to waste their money.

Money has always been a sought after material and this guys posted on Facebook by Blessing Ramabu's blog. clearly are wasting money, one of the most important things on earth.

This guys are seen spending their Road Accident Fund (RAF) on stupid things being recorded by their fellow friends everywhere on the internet, who we wont blame in this case because what they are doing is worth recording.

In the near future the same guys are still going to cry about how they lost their money to stupid things people do when they encounter a large amount of money and they have no experience in using.

Most of the time black people are the one who ate mostly seen doing this kind of thing, burning money, buying expensive unnecessary beverages and throwing money on the streets. They dont even buy their families luxurious things they've dreamt of all their live. Money is evil and this is the proof.

Lot of people need money so bad, they would do anything to get it. While our brothers are showing off and flaunting their money, they are not business minded and money driven. They are not contributing to the economy, society and community in any way.

Money should be an important subject in schools because in this case it shows that the very same people who use money like this are not well aware of saving and buying share, things that bring in more money in the long run.

A myth has been going around for a long time that says "RAF money is demonic money" because most of these people who obtain it, never seem to put it to good use and I would also agree on that note. People never bare good thing with this money even though it came from their pain, literally.

Why not buy estates? Businesses? Investing? And many more things that actually seem logical and not stupid like this behaviours we see on a daily basis.

Instead of buying and spilling food, why not buy everyone in the store food to eat because not all of them have enough cash to buy enough grocery but a fellow brother will spent money uselessly in front of his fellow brothers despite knowing how wrong and stupid that is.

His mistakes will soon catch up with him and show him that Karma is here with us and in that time a man will cry tears of pain, sorrow, disappointment and shame. They will remind him of his Sunny days he ran to the ground.

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