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Taxi driver who returned the R700,00 he found at the back of his car seat get rewarded with this.


At some time in their life, everyone aspires to amass a substantial sum of money in order to make a positive difference in their lives. However, because just a few people walk around with big sums of money, this rarely occurs. 

After picking up a large chunk of money, an 18-year-old Liberian kid called Emmanuel Tolue went viral. Emmanuel was poor as a child, and he had little optimism that his situation would improve any time soon. He used to ride a motorcycle for a living and came upon a large sum of money wrapped in a plastic bag on one of his travels. The sum was USD50,000, or almost R700,000 in South African Rands. 

He could have altered his life forever with the money he returned, but he chose not to. Emmanuel stepped out after hearing a woman begging with the public to help her locate the money she had misplaced. The owner was astounded by what the young kid had done for her and rewarded him with money and things worth $1 500. 

As if that wasn't enough, Liberia's president chose to bestow even more honors onto him. In the capital, he met the young child and performed a ceremony for him. He also offered him $10,000 in cash and two new motorcycles, as well as a scholarship to further his study. Knowing that his good deed had finally paid off, Emmanuel was overjoyed. 

Many individuals, on the other hand, ridiculed him for returning the money, claiming that he should have kept it instead. He's also been receiving threats for returning the money, and he's asking the authorities for assistance in protecting him. People are mostly envious of how someone so young can go from having nothing to having everything in a single day. 

The young man should be protected because he sets a great example for others, demonstrating that doing nice to others is usually rewarded. You'll reap the benefits of your good deeds. There are many excellent people out there, to be sure.

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