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Authority Given To Metro Police To Use Sjambok On People From Now On?

A man was allegedly abused by metro police officers, according to the latest report. It's evident from the photo that he was beaten with a sjambok to the point that he decided to file a police report against the officers involved. 

Is this how the authorities will deal with those who disagree with them?

Another concern is what should happen if a person strikes a law enforcement officer; should the officer turn the other cheek and accept reality without retaliation? 

The victim appears to be in horrible shape in the shot, but the reader's attention should be given to the possibilities as well.

We've recently seen how the law is being flouted, particularly by those under the influence of alcohol. 

Because our country is no longer a dignified country, bad things no longer come as a shock or surprise. 

Do you believe it's better if the law emphasizes the use of force against those who disobey the law despite knowing it's against the law?

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