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Polokwane (SCACAG) plead with the community to help them find her, she left old granny with a baby

This should be considered the crime, imagine leaving a child that is less than two years with the such old granny. In the first place when people get old, they become children themselves. So it is as good as she has left two babies that can't help each other in the house.

She left two helpless people and go to only God knows where. So the forum that is dealing with crime in this location, they are calling for people to help them locate this girl.

I think if she is found, it is either the community is going to help her, or the police for whatever the situation is at home. It can be a crime but also they may be so many reasons why she has left home, and those reasons could include poverty and lack. So let her be found.

Seshego Community Against Crime and Gangsterism (SCACAG) plead with the community to help them locate a girl, who left her 1 year and 3 months daughter with her 80-year-old grandmother, who lives with sicknesses in Seshego(Zone 1).

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