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Husband and wife relationship

A man bought a washing machine for his wife, but people had this to say

A man recently took to social media to post the gift that he bought for his wife, he wrote " Early present for the wife she's been asking for an upgrade".

People were not impressed by the fact that he bought a washing machine as a gift for his wife and they started debating about the post.

 One thing about social media is that you do not always get the reactions you anticipate, people can make a simple thing to be a big issue. 

They kept on arguing specifically ladies, to how is this a gift when it is going to be used by the whole household. They do not consider it a gift because the whole household will be using and benefiting from the washing machine, but others kept wondering if he bought the wife a car would they say the same things.

Others said that this is a wonderful gift even if the whole family will benefit, the fact that the wife asked for an upgrade and the husband listened and made a plan about it means a lot.


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