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A man dies after the DNA proved that he is not the biological father of his son

A father lost his lost after finding out that the kid he has been raising is actually not his. The country, South Africa has bad history of violence. According to the report, South Africa is leading with the highest rape-related crimes. Some men choose to be violent after finding that they has been used by their women, but this man after finding out that he's not the father he just became weak, and died imidiately "Man dies after DNA proved he's not the biological father of his son" Reported Fact. According to the report, This man becomes suspicious after he saw his wife frolicking with another man on snapchat, and when he confronted her, the wife said he was over resting. This man the over heard a woman talking to her friend about the petenity of the child, this man then went on, and took DNA test to prove his suspension and only to find out that he is not the father of his son.

"He found out that he is not the father of the child he helped raise for seven years. He went and confronted his wife and without shame she accepted the claim, and said she was not man enough to impregnate her. So she slept with his best friend to have th child and she has been sleeping with the friend for years" the man then died imidiately off heart attack "The an could not take the shock, he had a heart attack. Fell down and died on the spot" Reported Facts. People have shared their thoughts on Facebook about this. Katibiwe said: "I think just after birth a child's DNA should be mandatory". Marry said: "Ladies let be faithful it's so sad putting your partner in the shoes he don't know...Let's fear God and there is no secret on this earth".

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