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The looting of Covid19 funds by the likes of Zweli Mkhize Was A Great Betrayal Said Mboweni(Opinion)

Source: Finance Minister Tito Mboweni Has Claimed that The Lootibg of the Covid 19 Funds By Government Officials Was a Betrayal.

Not Just any Betrayal But A Great Betrayal To The People.

This Comes after the President Cyril Ramaphosa Approved The Investigations To Be Made Public, with the Former Minister Of The Department Of Health Zweli Mkhize Being exposed The Most.

Many Would Claim that The Minister Tito Mboweni's Statement was Very Much Directed To all The ANC and Government Officials, But Mostly Mkhize Who was Incharge Of the health Department.

The Fact That Zweli Mkhize was Not the Only Top Government Official Who Looted the Funds Given To them For The Purpose of all Covid 19 Relatated Issues, Has Left Many wondering who Else is To named next.

For the Former Minister Tito Mboweni He Feels The Likes Of Zweli Mkhize and all Government Officials who where Caught for Looting the Covid 19 funds, Made a Great Betrayal.

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