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Funny jokes and pictures that will make you laugh out your sorrow

1. Standard English: When I returned home from work, I discovered my dog had been murdered in cold blood.

The following is in Ghanaian English: I cem beck home and fram weck and discovered my deg meded in cold bled

2. In Saudi Arabia, three people were arrested for consuming alcoholic beverages: a Togolese, a Nigerian, and a Ghanaian.

Eventually, one of the princes hauled them all in front of him and told them what he wanted them to do:

"You will receive 50 lashes for consuming alcoholic beverages. " However, because you are foreigners and were not aware of the prohibition, I will be more indulgent with you. Before the penalty is administered, each of you will make a wish. "It's up to you, Togolese."

"I hope that you would attach a cushion to my back before you flog me," says the Togolese. His demand was granted, but the flogging was so severe that the pillow was torn apart after only 25 lashings.

When the Nigerian saw what had happened to the Togolese, he wished for two pillows on his back, but the cushions were torn before he could get them.

As he speaks, the prince turns to face the Ghanaian and says:

In light of the fact that I am a huge soccer fan and that you play such excellent soccer, I will be extra forgiving with you." "You have two wishes, but make the best choice you can."

"First and foremost, I want 100 lashes," says the Ghanaian.

The Nigerian and the Togolese are both taken aback by what they have just witnessed.

As the Sultan responds, "I don't understand what you are saying, but we will give you double the number of lashes!" "And what about your second wish?"

"Tie the Nigerian to my back," says the Ghanaian.

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