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Finally It Ended In Tears For Sabc Livhu (see what happened)

Although a lot of things could be out there which are trending and has been trending over the past 2 days, If you should take a good look at what was trending on Twitter over the past 48 hours. it is this #SabcLivhumustfall which is being raised by mostly venda people after what his wife threw some serious allegations against him online,

If you are still unaware of which allegations are those have a look at the video in the link below

It seems like what he is being accused of and what a lot of people are suggesting to his sponsors could be the end of him and the sad part of it all is that he dont seem to see it.He is all about games and fun as usual.Take a look at what some of his sponsors has issued yesterday.

Here is another latest statement from one of his biggest sponsors issued today

Source :

Bare in mind that Captain SABC Livhu which is being talked about here has been offered an Audi A4 by one of venda's most popular funerals companies known as Nrand funerals back then.So now last night fans has been out in full force suggesting that the car should be taken away from him since the company decided that they will shelf him as one of thier ambassadors in a radio interview yesterday,Listen to that interview here.

So now looking at all this from a view that Livhu has not apologized to the public nor seem to be sorry about all that he is being accused of do you think that they should indeed take the car? I mean have a look at what his Facebook wall looks like at this point in time when everyone is out there with many questions without answers that can only be answered by him.

If i did not know better I'd say the guy don't even seem to be sorry or anything because as you can see from the posts his all of jokes as usual,So now according to your perspectives do you think it could be so because he did nothing wrong or what?Bare in mind that we have all not heard his side of the story an every story always has to sides.So now looking at how generous he have been to the poor over the years do you you think he could have done all this?

If he did do then what is it that you think it could be a suitable punishment for him as a public figure? Please state some of your views in the comments section below 

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