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He Was Passing By, But Found This On The Ground. Would You Pick This Up & Use It?


A man got caught up on camera picking up something that not just anyone would come across on the streets. That is totally showing that people that lost that were so drunk because it's rare to found this kind of things in the streets. People are telling that man not to pick it up because it might be a trap that was made by someone knowing very well that somebody will take it. That's why we are always told not to pick up everything on the streets because some of those things are not good for us. The man might think it's his lucky, while it ain't that.

Social media people are making fun out of him because they know that it's not what he thinks it is. I can tell many people would have picked it up because they know that beverages needed in their bodies. The person who set that trap knows very well that black people will never leave that thing, even when they know that it's not for them. There are some things that we really need to avoid when we see them on the streets because some people want to avoid seeing us doing good in life.

People are suggesting that the man might find urine inside that bottle because it's really looking like Savanna beverage. We cannot pick up food or a drink on the streets, we rather pick up money or something else. Some people are poisoning foods an after they throw them away just so poor people can eat them and die. They are not doing good anyway because this kind of things might come back to them when they are not even away. Occasionally, we really need to stand up and fight for our nation because killing each other will never give us anything. It has been said that people who are capable of killing each other are illuminated. 

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