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As a result of this, he committed suicide in front of his family.

When it comes to day-to-day activities and how they handle the unavoidable hardships of life, families are vastly different from one another. A ideal family does not exist; rather, each and every family experiences its own highs and low points. 

To disagree with one another is a normal part of life for family members; while it's unfortunate, disagreement is to be expected because it's just the way things are sometimes. 

Everyone's perspective on the world around them is unique in every way possible. 


Because there are so many people in a family who want their opinions and views to be heard, family get-togethers are almost always fraught with argument and disarray. 

Bongani "Thisha" Ndlovu, who was 30 years old at the time, committed suicide in front of his family at a family gathering in Mpendle, South Africa. 

Information provided by an unnamed person stated that the Architect and Businessman committed suicide in front of his family during a family gathering. Bongani's family members allegedly informed him that he was too young to have an opinion on crucial family issues, which ultimately led to this unfortunate outcome. 

By taking his own life in front of his family, he was able to express his anger and sadness at the situation. 

The elderly members of the family are responsible for making difficult decisions, and that younger members of the family are not allowed to express an opinion, was drilled into our heads while we were growing up. 

I pray that God will provide him with a peaceful resting place for his soul.


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