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“She Is Not One Of Us” — Ladies Disown Lady That Allegedly Slept With a Chinese For Cash

Some South Africans, especially ladies, have come out to debunk the claim that the lady in the trending video was a South African, declaring that she must have been a foreigner. Many South Africans are ashamed of identifying with the video, calling it a disgrace. This is why they are declaring on Twitter that the lady in the trending video is not one of them. They noted that South Africans do not do that kind of work. Nevertheless, those who are denying the ladies are members of South Africans First groups. They labelled the ladies foreigners. Actually, two videos came out during the week, when two ladies at different locations hooked their clients for not paying them as agreed. However, many South Africans have come out to admit that the ladies were actually South Africans, but only few South African ladies are involved in that kind of work.

A South African Twitter user said that those who are saying that the ladies were not South Africans are not telling themselves the truth, declaring that their accents were that of South Africans. Another youth wrote, “Yes our SA sisters do worse, and we know it doesn't act better, I am all for us first, but he didn't say they are South African… Read next time, seems your xenophobia is getting to your head. You will lose focus and make us lose interest on what you stand for. Le tena hona mo”. The first Lady said that the Chinese was about to escape without paying her, and he was already carrying his bag to leave when she caught him. In the other video, the lady gripped her client to pay her in full. She noted that they agreed on a thousand rand for the whole night, but the man ended up giving her just three hundred, which is not their agreed price. 

A lady called Victoria, one of the ladies championing the cause to have Zimbabweans deported said, "They are not South African. Please don't tarnish our name".

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