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IsencaneLengane: Mzansi reacts to Siyacela allegedly physically abusing Thando


There comes a time when Dlamuka will be no more and Siyacelas is left with absolutely nothing, then he'll realize that life is not a bed of roses. For now he literally relies on Dlamuka and Moja Live hence the behavior. As for Thando, I hope she finishes her studies and move on with her life. Marrying at such young age to a boy who is lazy and does not have a plan\vision was really really a bad idea for you Thando. My advise study hard and make your own money and leave that boy.

I am not even feeling sorry for Thando ...she is still there, next week they will be lovey dovey like nothing happened, I don't feel sorry for women who don't stand their grounds. As young as she is but still staying in such a marriage? for what? Over a boy who doesn't even work,doesn't go to school, all he does is buy cars with the little he has instead of starting a business! Like I really don't feel sorry for this young lady. May she continue being played coz she doesn't have a back bone.

Now there are allegations of Siyacela physically abusing Thando which might be true considering how badly he treats her. Viewers feels that Tgando should leave this marriage before it's too late. Thando subjected herself to this emotional abuse (more like some physical abuse behind the scene) and she is the only one who can take herself of of this misery. Dlamuka spoiled this Siyacela punk and now he is getting out of hand.

I blame Thando's mother she failed to raise her daughter until Varsity busy nywee nywee abantwana baya shada at 12. Other ladies are busy with their daughter bashaya matching outfits with teenagers and she gave hers to Dlamuka, what a failure mother.

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