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Theft robbery

Finally|| Thief Foreigners get caught and beaten.

When we SA’s borders are abysmally porous and that we need Border management as soon as possible. We are Exposed and Vulnerable, 27 year's of ANC government, they have failed to Protect and Prioritize Our Country and People. Zimbabweans are forcing themselves in South Africa, they are fighting tooth and nail to remain in South African Country, South Africans are trying so hard fighting tooth and nail to drag them out of South Africa. African foreigners can scream xenophia all they want but we're going to give them tough love until they all leave our country and will have no choice but to go rebuild Africa. Today Zimbabweans who use to steal cars and robbing people at night, stealing their cellphones get caught and beaten. To watch the video please click the Link below:

Ask yourself so many questions like why are South Africans being bullied for asking Immigration Laws to be implemented and enforced? How is advocating for legal immigration xenophobic ? SA’s Laws are Subverted daily, our borders are in shambles and the legal routes in a nightmare. It's pity that everytime we must Discuss Border' Management and Security, we will be drawn to Dystopian Pan Africanism theories that "that Border's are an idea of colonial construction". Every country has it's Sovereignty that it must Protect. We must fix our Country and problems.

90% of resturantas in gauteng have foreign workers only especially Zimbabwean 90% of garden boys in gauteng's private estates are Malawian 100%of spaza shops in South Africa belong to Ethiopians and Bangladesh 100%of the workforce at China malls are foreigners. You'll find them on the road intersection with new born babies. Even the homeless South Africans are suffering because of these people flooding soup kitchens, how many serial killers have come from Zimbabwe yet the Government is quite,who are the Zama Zama's foreigners.

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