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Two Hijackers Have Been Arrested, Look at What They Were Found With (Photos)

The rising crime rates in Mzansi have resulted in a number of shifts, the most notable of which is that law-abiding citizens are increasingly bearing the brunt of the consequences of these issues. No longer can a South African resident park his car in front of his house and go to sleep without fear of a carjacking. The situation has gotten so terrible that it is now usual practice to install a costly tracking device in one's automobile in case it is ever stolen.

It's crucial to understand that the expanding black market for stolen vehicles in the US enables the awful deeds of auto hijackers. The stolen vehicles are subsequently sold at rock-bottom prices at used car lots to unsuspecting buyers. Imagine you could purchase a car that costs R200,000 but only costs you R200,000 total. All those things are the visible results of a transaction involving a stolen car.

Earlier this morning, a group of security agents was successful in apprehending two male hijackers. Accounts state that the hijackers were arrested after a joint operation involving Tracker SA, the South African Police Service, and a reporter from Tshenolo PI.

Handgun and hijacker phone recovered; hijackers apprehended.

Most carjackers think they are immune to punishment and take whatever car they want. Keep in mind that many car thefts happen each week in South Africa. The increasing incidence of vehicle theft has led many people to take extra measures to protect their own automobiles.

For instance, a carjacker searching for easy pickings would target a vehicle left unlocked by the roadside.


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