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Home remedies: Food that absorb negative energy.

Food sources that retain negative energy and simple cures!

Great and awful occasions are a piece of life, yet have you at any point ended up caught in a circumstance? In spite of every one of your endeavors, things don't fall set up and you go through an excessive number of hindrances and difficulties! As indicated by celestial prophets and recuperating specialists, this large number of things frequently occur because of the presence of negative energy around you and it is accepted that there are a few food varieties that can help in warding off bad energy. These simple tips and age-old cures can help in eliminating negative energy from your life and it is accepted that these tips can clear a path for flourishing and positive energy, assuming you follow them the correct way!

Disclaimer: It is only an articulation of prevelant realities and convictions and Times of India doesn't uphold or embrace them.



A typical saying fits for this situation impeccably "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." You would be stunned to realize that lemon can keep negative energy under control. This is the motivation behind why you will go over a lemon and chilies sticking around the entry in each Indian house. It is accepted that keeping 3 lemons in a glass bottle loaded up with water can eliminate a wide range of negative energy from your work area and draw in sure energy. Along these lines, next time you go through a difficult stretch at work, attempt this!



Salt is accepted to ingest negative energy and there are multiple approaches to utilizing salt to keep negative energies under control. A few celestial prophets accept that adding salt to house keeping water can help in engrossing the adverse consequence of insidious energy. It is likewise accepted that keeping a bowl of salt in the east corner of the house acquires inspiration, concentration and success for the family. On the off chance that you have children at home, you can put a bowl of salt in their review space to work on their fixation.


​Turmeric rangoli and rice flour alpana

Alpana or Rangoli are customary approaches to improving the house or the spot of love. It is accepted that drawing alpana or rangoli draws in sure energy and brings success for the family. Adding turmeric to your rangoli additionally helps in eliminating the evil impact of hostile stare. Rice flour alpana is typically attracted on unique events Bengal and it is accepted that the Goddess goes into the house by strolling on this delightful way.



In India, yet additionally in Istanbul, cinnamon is accepted to be a strong method for warding off regrettable energies to such an extent that they frequently balance cinnamon with stink eye stones. It is accepted that putting cinnamon sticks where you keep your cash can help in eliminating any monetary antagonism from your life. Recuperating specialists accept that this normal zest can likewise help in further developing ailments like sleep deprivation, assuming you can put a couple of cinnamon sticks under your cushion. This aides in eliminating awful dreams or bad dreams and can help in bringing inspiration and flourishing.


​Turmeric tika

Indian practices regularly are woven so that each little thing is a way towards success. You probably go over individuals applying Haldi Kumkum tikka in certain societies. It is accepted that a touch of turmeric can bring best of luck and avoid negative energy from your conjugal life.


​Sound leaf

One more Indian flavor that is regularly used to avert negative energy is straight leaf. In any event, as per mending specialists from western nations it is accepted that inlet leaf can help in bringing thriving and energy for the family. Consuming a couple of cove leaves in a pot can eliminate negative energy and the smoke of straight leaves get a flood of harmony the house.


​Mustard seeds

A customary Indian cure, it is accepted that arbitrarily spreading mustard seeds around the house can avoid any sort of antagonism from the house. It is likewise said that this conventional stunt helps in shielding the family from serious issues.


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