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Top 5 Scariest Bridges Found In The World Today.

Bridges are truly marvels of human intelligence. For centuries, people have been improving on these structures that have the ability to speed up transportation and link us to places that would otherwise be difficult to reach. But some bridges are downright terrifying.

While it's difficult to tell if a bridge is dangerous just by looking at it, a few bridges are downright terrifying to cross no matter their stability.

I've rounded up some of the scariest bridges in the world, which are notable for their stomach-churning heights, rickety guardrails, and steep slopes that seem to defy engineering logic. Take a look & share with me in the comment sections if ever crossed any of the bridges.

The Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction near Cañon City, Colorado within Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, a 360-acre amusement park located along the edge of the Royal Gorge around both ends of the bridge.

Trift Bridge

The Trift Bridge is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps. The bridge is a simple suspension bridge design spanning 170 metres (560 ft) at a height of 100 metres (330 ft).

The Trift Bridge spans the lake, Triftsee, near Gadmen, Switzerland, an area that receives approximately 20,000 visitors per year to see the Trift Glacier. An earlier bridge was built in 2004, as the glacier was no longer high enough to take visitors to the Trift Hut of the Swiss Alpine Club.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125-metre (410 ft) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia, completed in 2005. The bridge deck is 660 metres (2,170 ft) above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang on Pulau Langkawi, the main island of the Langkawi archipelago in Kedah.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge can be reached by first taking the Langkawi Cable Car to the top station, where an inclined lift called SkyGlide takes visitors from the top station to the bridge.

Huashan Plank Road.

China’s towering Mount Hua is home to one of the scariest pedestrian structures in existence. Calling this a bridge might be a tad generous, as it doesn’t look like much more than some wooden planks attached to the side of a mountain, but we think it fits right in with the other structures on this list.

The Huashan Plank Road accommodates only one-way traffic and has been called one of the most frightening hikes in the world. The entire path is less than 500 feet long but that seems like plenty of distance to regret your decision.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge.

The deteriorated condition makes this one the most dangerous bridges in the world. This swinging structure is not for the faint hearted because of the Hunza river, which flows in its full might below this gap-filled structure.

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