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'This Afrikaner Deserves To Be Jailed After He Was Spotted Doing This To 4 Black Guys. OPINION

The video shows a fight between 3 to 4 black men and his African man, with several warning shots being fired into the air and one of the men in the area talking.

  However, it is not clear how he was there. Perhaps this white man chased him with a gun or tried to steal anything.

  They seemed to be trying to attack him, so they told him not to put the white man in his hand, so they panicked and intervened, and the white man quickly grabbed the gun and shot him. And they shot the man hiding in the cradle and then forced other people to retreat, and one of them retreated and said, "Now you see, you have killed one of my brothers."

  That means they did not intend to disarm him just as he did voluntarily and shot the man in the morning, it is not clear if emergency services were called in to intervene. Medical but it is clear that this person should be arrested by the relevant authorities.

  This kind of behavior is not allowed to continue in this country: many things have changed, and it is better for things to continue as we have found peace according to some people.

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