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Two Hoodlums' Luck Ran Out As Polokwane Community Members Did This To Them

Nowadays the citizens of South Africa live in fear because crime rate has escalated. When things are not going according to plan for many people, especially the young ones, they resort to crime for they think that crime pays. Others turned into hoodlums for they were intrigued by certain scenes on TV and they want to simulate them.

If they were running their own small businesses or working at retail stores it would have been better because no one would complain or die compared to when they commit crimes. Where are they going as the youth of South Africa? Do they want to con people, injure or kill them and live their lives on the run for the rest of their lives?

Young people have to go to school and read their books. Education will never derail them from the good path.

In connection with hoodlums, there are two boys who have caused people so much miseries in Polokwane. Like other hoodlums, they don't kill but forcefully take other people's phones, specifically smartphones.

On Tuesday their luck ran out after they snatched a smartphone from a lady who was roaming the streets of Polokwane. The community caught them and handed them to the police for they didn't want to take the law into their own hands.

When a young person is involved in a criminal case, he becomes a juvenile delinquent. He enters the age of criminal responsibility where he is being considered responsible for a crime. When a child is minor and has not reached the age of criminal responsibility, they cannot be charged with a juvenile crime. But when the child’s not a minor, he can be certainly charged with a criminal offense.

It’s important to understand that a child is not born with criminal tendencies. There are always some factors that contribute to juvenile crime, leading them to dangerous situations.

There is good evidence that early interventions in childhood, such as home visits by nurses, preschool intellectual enrichment programs and parent management training, are effective in preventing delinquency. As a parent, this means that there is something you can do for your child if he/she is gradually becoming a juvenile delinquent.

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