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King Monada got people talking by taking pictures while helping the poor.


King Monada paid a visit to a family of five from Myakayaka hamlet, near Tickyline in Greater Tzaneen, who had come to plead for help.

With their two children and grandchild, the Ramatladiing family lives in a two-room shanty house.

Timothy Ramatladi (53), the husband, is unemployed, while Joyce Ramatladi (52) works in Kwanda.

The roof of the family's mud house was swept off by the storm, and the wall collapsed. The family was unable to obtain RDP housing because their property did not appear on the map, according to their neighbors.

The narrative moved King Monada, who paid a visit to the family last night, Monday, June 14, 2021, to offer food and blankets.

"Well done for donating,, but please tell him not to post pictures of these desperate families on social media. It defeats the aim of his course.. Look at the family members' faces, they don't even look happy about the donation,, they feel embarrassed by being paraded. He did a good thing, but the issue is why his family wears his t-shirts. If you donate with an open heart, you don't brag.

Charity begins at home even if I help millions of people and fail to help one family member who's in need. In God's eyes, I did nothing... What Monada is doing to his child It's cruel 500 It's nothing if you can afford to wear a 5k t-shirt. Well done king Monada. Keep on doing what's good for you with your money. Meanwhile, others are busy with their red pen waiting for your mistakes.

There was no need to take pictures.


They always do that for more followers and likes. What is the point of giving back to the community if not to take photos? We can't help unless people take photos of that zebra that are so low in quality that we hope he raises the R500 maintenance.Why take photos when you are helping? It's this marketing strategy. The poor family is even made to wear his branded shirt. Leave the camera at home when helping the poor please. "said a Facebook follower








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