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A man who was shot with rubber bullets cries out after hospital caused this to his manhood

Almost ruined my manhood is a hospital mistake


A man who was shot with a rubber bullet in August in Cape Town was accidentally caused by a hospital in Khayelitsha. Speaks with journalists of this jello announced that after the city destroyed a woman's image they tried to fight for him and were shot. After a visitor was shot in this hospital and then a rubber bullet was removed.

′′ The hospital released one after I was released, I stayed there but after a few weeks I felt the pain from men and as I was shot next to them ", said the man.

After the pains commented that something was moving in this place he was shot and all that time it was a rubber bullet that was never released from the hospital. ′′ I'm so disappointed with the mistakes they made even though they apologized because there is much possible damage, I would have done that if it hurt my manhood, what would I be without them ", said the man.


It's reported that the pain hasn't ended since August. ′′ It's clear that it was still shooting inside here, I'm grateful it's out and I hope in time I won't be the problem that deserves their mistake ", said this man.

Natalie Watlington Health Department spokesman visited this hospital but was removed from the rubber bullet. ′′ The truth is that on an X-ray doesn't appear rubber bullet, but we are very sorry for this man ", Watlington said. Announced that they have already talked about visiting the hospital again to be released.

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