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Good news| Vehicle licence renewal made easy, as it can be renewed via WhatsApp

Dated : 18 August 2022

Source: IOL

Where anything that has to do with government services is concerned it stresses a lot of people as they know the struggle of the long lines that they have to stand on just to get the services that they want.

The traffic department is one of those places where there are always long queues as people need to make and renew licences for both vehicles and driving.

However, recently there has been a new way that has been reported to be working, whereby vehicle owners can renew their vehicle licence's through a social media platform "WhatsApp".

The new developments has happened because of the partnership between Supa Quick and online platform Disky, that made it possible for vehicle owners to renew their vehicle licence via WhatsApp.

The process is said to take only a few minutes and also charges a service fee, the administration fee is R169 and the licence can then be collected from the nearest supa Quick store.

 All types of vehicle licences can be renewed, including those for motorcycles, cars, trailers and caravans.

"To renew your vehicle licence, you can visit the Supa Quick store of your choice and scan the Disky QR code and press ‘send.’ You will receive a WhatsApp message and, by following the user-friendly prompts, you can then make the payment and collect your licence disk within five to 10 working days from the store" 

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