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Theft robbery

Security officer shot and wounded during an attempt CITrobbery

10 February 2022

Attempted CITrobbery in deans motor spares in Eldorado, security officer shot and wounded.

A video share by Archie on Twitter this morning, about a robbery that was attempted in Eldorado, bystander are trying to keep the wounded security alive on the scene.

One of the bystander said " the suspects where heavily armed, the brave CITrobbery managed to fight them off only that place him on a vulnerable situation, when he caught a bullet and he was left bleeding. two concerned bystander took a box to cover him from the sun and trying to keep him alive until the paramedic or the emergency service arrives".

Will the paramedic arrive on time to maintain the condition of the wounded security?. More information will be dropped later when we get more police and the paramedic will confirm if he will make it. then more information from the people on the scene. Crime is becoming a major problem in South Africa, how will people be living in this high risk of crime?.

What needs to be done on this country to limit the crime issues?

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