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Sad: Woman goes to the Police for help from her abuser, but is attacked in the police station.

There are many things that's said to victims of domestic abuse, some of those things are leave the situation, go to law enforcement for help and report the abuser. These things are supposed to help protect the woman, unfortunately that recently proved untrue. Here what happened to a Woman who tried to report an abuser recently and what this means for South African Woman.

The situation :

In a video posted to social media site Facebook via the"Flying News" page, we see a disturbing situation.

The video is of a gender based violence victim who went to Maderia Police station in Statterheim to report the abuse. However the victim was continually abused in front of the police by the abuser.

In the video we see the abuser hit the Woman on the back of her head before knocking the phone out of the hands of the person recording. Than he is seen repeatedly attacking her while a group of other people get involved and try to separate them. Unfortunately this case makes me really worried.

My Opinion :

This is particularly tragic, because woman who are being abused are supposed to be able to go to the police for protection. However, here a woman isn't safe even in the work place of the Police. It's clear that the abuser doesn't fear them and still thinks he can attack the victim.

So if the victim cannot ask law enforcement for help, than who can help her. I believe that the police need to deal with abusers in harsher ways in order to send a message that we will no longer tolerate gender based violence. Until than I urge all victims to acquire a legal weapon for protection.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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