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I got miscarriage 5 times and this are the circumstances

Women are the most strong people on earth with problems that they carry till death but never show up. Women always cry everyday but most of us never see that, untill we become open with them, that's when they can bring it on the table and still break down.

Lesego is one of the people who had 5 miscarriages and she is telling the world about the circumstances of miscarriage. Of which she has been struggling for the rest of her life untill she came across a certain ZIMBABWEAN pastor who managed to help her with her problems.

Lesego is currently 37 years of age, and the marriage, job and everything was taken away from her. Lesego went to the pastor to ask for help, but the pastor saw something disturbing in lesego. Lesego became open and the plaster could see five grown spirit in lesego's eyes.

Plaster told lesego that, all the miscarriages she have been growing through, was not because of witchcraft or anything. It was due to stress, but then the problem is, after miscarriage, you are still carrying the spirit of the child that grows in you.

It is something that you can not see in months but it takes years, because once the child is formed, the spirit was formed too.

The pastor told lesego that, she need to Barth with something in order to remove the dark spirit sorounding her. Because everywhere she was going, everyone was hating her and she did not know the cause of this.

Lesego is now stable with her business running. So what she would like to share with the world is, after miscarriage,you must get cleansing so that you can be clean without being attacked by spirits that grow in your body day and night

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