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Jealous Down Gayton Mackenzie Is Doing More Than Most Politicians, This Is What He Did

Jealous must be brought down because we can tell that Gayton McKenzie is doing a very fine job in terms of ensuring that the people in his community are taken care of, he has gone on to create jobs for his people.

These are individuals who were basically loitering the streets or sitting down in their homes, now they have a purpose to wake up everyday and do something valuable in the community.

This is only a fraction of what he has done because we cannot really quantify it, such activities compound exponentially in benefits for the people that are directly affected even the ones who are indirectly affected like the ordinary members of the public in other Communities.

As they will also get experience due to the increase in traffic and also get to experience the economic impact of the activities of the individuals behind Gayton McKenzie, this is someone who has definitely gained a lot of attention from the general public and the media.

We can even be sure that there are some political figures who Witness and notice what he is doing and they want to emulate him, because he is setting an example and leading in a manner that has not been seen before.

Instead of throwing money at people he's creating opportunities and jobs so that those people can have some decency and be able to know that they'll be able to generate certain amounts of money per month, and that will help them plan ahead and also create businesses and opportunities for other people.

His recent exploit among many others is that he has concluded a deal with the owners of pavers factory in Joburg to move to Central Karoo, the trucks are being loaded and will arrive on Wednesday in Beaufort.

This will result in more jobs and training for his people, they are further on track to open 30 different industries before hundred days while our politicians failed to create jobs for three decades only good at deployment of cadres.

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