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Watch: Police arrested a man for not wearing a mask in public

Due to the circumstance that we currently live with because of the corona virus, a law was enforced that not wearing a mask was declared as a criminal offense.

However it seems as if many people still are not wearing their masks, even though it is a criminal offense not to wear it. In this video we will see the police officers enforcing this law of not wearing a mask, as they were recorded arresting a man who was not wearing his mask.

The man however was very reluctant when he was arrested for not wearing a mask. The man even told the police officers that he was paying their salaries. By this statement that this man made he maybe was implying that he is paying tax, as the police officers are getting their salaries from tax payers.

People on social media however said this man was being disrespectful as they said everyone pays tax. That also does include police officers as they also do pay tax. It also seemed that the community members here did not want this man to be arrested.

The man here however should have just worn a mask to avoid being arrested. And wearing a mask is not a hard thing, this man should have just complied with the law and just worn his mask. People on social media also complimented the police officers, as they said they handled this situation very well.

People should understand that this corona virus is affecting us all and they should comply with the law and wear their masks. Wearing a mask does not only protect you but also protects the people around you. And the people should let the police do their job.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing the video of this man getting arrested.

To watch the video click on the link below.

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