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Theft robbery

New Information Linked To Massive Robbery Has Been Revealed To The Public.

The new assaults and thefts at police headquarters have put safety efforts under the spotlight as bold lawbreakers deny cops of their guns and ammo. 

As of late, there have been irregular occurrences wherein lawbreakers utilize comparative business as usual to target police headquarters and effectively incapacitate officials of their administration guns. 

The most recent burglary occurred at Malamulele police headquarters in Limpopo on Sunday night when a gathering of outfitted men raged the station and held individuals at gunpoint in the Community Service Center (CSC) office. 

As indicated by the police, a few individuals were constrained into the rear of a police van while one more was requested to open the munititions stockpile safe where the suspects took R5 rifles, 9mm guns, shotguns and an undisclosed number of ammo. 

Last month, a gathering of lawbreakers incapacitated a cop at Sir Lowry's Pass satellite police headquarters in Cape Town where they grabbed two 9mm guns, three cellphones and a PC. 

Three men held a constable at the Tsineng police headquarters, Northern Cape, and took R5 rifle with two magazines, eight 9mm guns and 98 rounds of ammo in August. 

Representative Col Athlenda Mathe said none of the guns and ammo in these episodes have been recuperated. 

An autonomous scientist and specialist for the Institute for Security Studies, David Bruce, said these episodes recommend that there is a need to reinforce security at police headquarters. 

"Tragically, police defilement likewise can't be precluded as a contributing component to these wrongdoings. It is conceivable that the posses who do these thefts have joins with individuals from the SAPS and depend on inside data," he said. 

Bruce added that police guns that are taken, lost or offered to crooks are a portion of the primary wellsprings of illicit guns in the country. 

"As for this situation, assaults like this are probably going to be completed by bunches that are connected to burglary or other savage wrongdoing. This might be viewed as a component of the issue of rough coordinated wrongdoing in South Africa and this features the way that the country needs to impressively reinforce its ability for exploring and reacting to the issue of vicious coordinated wrongdoing," he said. 

Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union representative Richard Mamabolo has ascribed the thefts to absence of assets in a portion of the police headquarters. 

"The SAPS is neglecting to place enough assets in those stations. It is absolutely impossible that you can put five cops on night shift and figure they will win a battle against crooks when enduring an onslaught," he said. 

Mamabolo further blamed the police for tumbling to execute a security technique. "In a portion of the CSC, there is no window glass to isolate police from individuals from people in general. Thus it is simple for crooks to make these stations their jungle gym and imperiling the existences of our individuals," he said. 

Mathe said there is a police security system set up and accommodates the wellbeing of individuals and police offices. There are actual safety efforts that should be put at police headquarters and these incorporate fences and doors that ought to be locked. There should be a security entryway at the CSC and there should be entryways that should be locked prompting different spaces of the station. 

"We are occupied with tasks to redesign our police headquarters and they will get impenetrable windows and we have effectively introduced CCTV cameras at some police headquarters. Each station, region and public, has a police security board of trustees that examinations and arrange data and reactions and take a gander at how we further develop wellbeing of our individuals all through the country," Mathe said.

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