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Road Accident

A man shared the pictures after he accidentally hit a chicken and people say this is pure witchcraft

A man who goes by the name of Jsmeson Mothapo shared pictures of his crushed vehicle. This man accidentally hit a chicken, but people on Twitter were saying that this has nothing to do with the chicken, in fact, this is just witchcraft. Looking at the the following pictures there is so many things that doesn't add up and for that reason, Twitter users strongly believed that this accident was plotted.

It is no secret that this country do have witches. A few days ago, a granny from Limpompo was caught red-handed performing witchcraft at her neighbor's yard. Now people found it difficult to understand how a chicken can break into the lump of a car like this.

People were more that convinced that this accident has something to do with a witch who wanted the driver of this car dead "Black magic this one my friend...This is Africa remember" said a Twitter user who believes that this has something to do with witchcraft. "Wow how did it even manage break the glass" said a Twitter user who smells something fishy about this accident.

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