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Road Accident

The Teen Who Found $50 000 On The Highway Gets Extreme Rewards Even From The President

A Liberian teen was rewarded by his president after returning a lost bundle of cash.


His name is Emmanuel Tuloe. He has become famous in Liberia as he did the most generous thing. Now his president has rewarded him for his generosity and integrity.

He was on the highway riding his motor bike as he stumbled upon the money. This money belonged to a businesswoman who had dropped it by accident on the highway.

The teen said: ‘’I was afraid because it was plenty (of money) and so I brought it home and gave it to my aunt to keep until the owner could ask for it’’.

The businesswoman then went on radio to broadcast for a reward should anyone return the cash. His reward for returning the cash, from the lady, was $1,500.

The President of Liberia then invited him over to also reward him. The president rewarded him with a scholarship, $10 000, 2 motorbikes and an opportunity to work in the executive office of the president.

Those rewards were quite great for the young teen who showed appreciation.

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