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Shoprite Truck Looted By Over 300 Residents From Durban

A Shoprite truck was looted by residents in Durban by the side of the road. This incident is believed to have taken place around 1 pm this afternoon.

The metro police superintendent confirmed this incident. Based on the information provided he says that the metro police received a call of a looting that was taking place, the Metro police officials then made their way to the location, where indeed looting was taking place.

When the metro police arrived hundreds of people were still loading the truck however they were able to quickly disperse the crowds by shooting in the air.

The individuals that were looting the vehicle alleged that they did not have water and that they were hungry following the floods that happened in kzn living many individuals homeless or without any property.

The biggest problem that many people are currently facing in kwazulu-natal is not having any access to water due to the damages by the floods as well as no access to food because of the floods as well.

It is believed that this looting spree was orchestrated, a log was placed onyo the road, forcing the driver of the truck to stop, when the members of the community proceeding to access the vehicle and loot as much produce as they could.

At this point it is not clear what produce or types of groceries this truck had. However this behaviour is highly condemned and worrying, it could also lead to arrests.

Shoprite has not yet released a formal statement detailing the unfortunate incident that took place this afternoon.

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