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What Soweto Residents Woke Up To In Protea South

Residents of Protea South (Soweto) found a white Polo in a dump site. It had already been stripped. It is very worrying and upsetting that stolen or hijacked cars are left like this on the road.

Can you imagine? It's sad that someone's car has been stripped down to the point where it's almost unrecognizable and they can't get justice.

Even if the owner is still paying for the car and there is no insurance, this is often the case when a car is stolen and you find out that the owner was still making payments on the car until it was taken.

It is said that these second-hand spare shops have people's cars. We all know that South Africa doesn't have many rules, which is a big problem for the people who live there because they can be taken advantage of by everyone from shop owners to the government.

Someone needs to show us where they get their stock. If they can regulate this kind of business, we probably won't have as many of these illegal things going on that make life hard for a lot of people.

The police are asking people to tell them anything they know that could help catch the suspects and find more stolen or hijacked cars.

The police aren't doing a very good job of making sure the criminals are locked up for a long time, so crime keeps happening.


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