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Bloody Scene | Bottle Store Manager Stabbed By An Angry Customer



Working with people is quite a handful as some customers tend to forget that people who work in stores have emotions. They humiliate them except them to stay humble and calm.


According to the Reaction Unit South Africa, an angry customer stabbed a bottle store manager after trying to solve a conflict between him and one of his employees. The customer was angry because he was asked to join the queue like other customers.

He then reached for his knife and stabbed the store manager. He is seriously injured but upon the arrival of the RUSA, he received a first aid kit. All this happened in Verulam.

Public's Response

People are concerned about the high crime rate in Verulam. They believe that what happened in the store is sad. The way these criminals use weapons like toys it's concerning. They are also wondering how the criminal managed to run away as there are securities. They are also considering that customers should be searched upon their arrival.

Author's Response

What employees have to endure. It's sad because they can not fight for themselves as the customer is always right. Police should be deployed to this area to patrol to reduce crime.

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Reaction Unit South Africa


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