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From Almost Committing Suicide To Being A Global Source Of Inspiration, Meet Nicholas Vujicic

Most of the time, not everyone is able to conquer the challenges that life throws at them. Although Nicholas James Vujicic overcame a brutal challenge life placed upon him, it is his ability to inspire others that stands out the most. The 38-year-old Australian-American is currently a well-known evangelist and motivational speaker in the United States. Nick Vujicic, on the other hand, didn't always have it so well for him.

Nicholas Vujicic was born in the Australian city of Melbourne in the year 1982, and grew up there. The difference between Nick and the other children is that he was born without arms and legs, a condition termed as Tetra-amelia syndrome by medical professionals. Nick's father was alleged to have been stunned to the point of almost passing out when he saw the condition of his son. His mother was equally taken aback and saddened to the point where she puked on the floor. Nick's parents, on the other hand, came to terms with their situation over time and did everything they could to assist their crippled child. Due to the fact that Nick's child lacked an arm or a leg, his parents were well aware that their youngster would encounter numerous challenges throughout his life.

Nick not only battled physically, but he also struggled emotionally and intellectually as a result of being tormented on a regular basis at his school. We are all aware of how vicious some children can be, and for Nick, this was no exception because his appearance separated him from the other children. Things had even gotten to the point where he felt that he had had enough, and he began to question his life's purpose, as well as whether or not he would ever be able to marry or become financially independent. He even attempted suicide when he was ten years old, but his efforts were foiled by the fact that he was still alive.

In the aftermath of these sad years, Nick, then 17 years old, came across an article about a crippled guy who refused to allow his condition to dictate his life. Because of this, Nick was able to move away from feeling sorry for himself and toward being grateful for what he had. It was his determination not to allow his condition to dictate his life that led him to say, "If you can't receive a miracle, become one."

This proves to be a watershed moment in the 38-year-life, old's as he goes on to start the non-profit organization "Life without limbs." His multiple accomplishments include becoming a well-known motivational speaker and best-selling author, among others. On top of that, something that seemed unthinkable at the time became a reality when Nick tied the knot with Kanae Miyahara in February of this year. And they have been blessed with two beautiful children from their marriage.

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