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Taxis become transportations to vaccination sites

The SA National Taxi Association (Santaco) is activating cabbies to join Covid-19 inoculation lines, a move it expectations will assist the business with standing up in the wake of suffering pay misfortunes over the previous year. 

Santaco representative Thabisho Molelekwa said the affiliation is joining forces with the vehicle office to extend its part in moderating the spread of Covid-19. 

The taxi business has followed government limitations, including decreasing the quantity of travelers for significant distance excursions to 70% of their ability. 

"We have settled on a decision to all cabbies to enlist in their numbers for immunization. The issue with the taxi business is that we discover ourselves a transporter and spreader of Covid-19 and we should be insightful," Molelekwa said. 

He said cab drivers are at a higher danger of contracting and spreading Covid-19 since they work with numerous heaps of travelers day by day and this includes trading cash during trips. 

He said the danger of cabbies spreading Covid-19 to travelers was a reason for concern. 

Molelekwa said driver immunization isn't obligatory. 

"Immunization is deliberate. The nation lacks to a point where immunization is obligatory. We are checking out manners by which cab drivers can be persuaded to immunize without being constrained," he said. 

Molelekwa said the taxi business is as yet encountering monetary misfortunes with significant distance voyaging and driving. 

He said the business keeps on losing pay in light of the fact that unvaccinated drivers are not allowed to go with travelers past the line. 

"At the point when drivers offload travelers at the boundary, they lose more cash on top of the guidelines which expect us to stack 70% of limit," he said. 

Molelekwa said handling falsehood and fear inspired notions will introduce difficulties for the antibody rollout among cab drivers. 

"I can't conceal the way that these blended messages about the antibody keep on imparting dread in the individuals who need to get immunized. We are not the caretakers of immunization informing. We ask the public authority to talk all the more unmistakably and reliably."

Vaccinating taxi drivers will help the industry back on its feet: Santaco (

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