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Divorce Affair

"My Son Demolished My House and Sold The Land" Woman Cries Out

Margaret Wambui, a 90-year-old woman, has emotionall told how her son, a teacher, has been troubling her for years and how she has been unable to stop him.

When asked by journalist Wambui wa Mwangi about her divorce from her husband many years ago, when her seven children were still small, Margaret stated that she had ended her marriage because he was an alcoholic who caused her constant stress.

Fortunately, she worked hard and saw to it that her children received an education up to tertiary level. She also purchased a plot of land for a total of 10,000 Kenyan shillings.

When it came time to obtain land paperwork, her firstborn son, who was supposed to assist her in obtaining the documentation in Kiambu land offices, registered the land in his own name instead of hers.

Margret had no problem with the land being in his name because she had no way of knowing that he would one day turn his back on her and abandon her.

The land was sold for 3 million Kenyan shillings after a few years, and he also demolished her stone house, which he had built himself.

Margaret has been in and out of court for years, attempting to obtain justice for her family. At one time, her son forced her to check herself into the Mathare psychiatric institution, alleging she was insane.

She currently lives in an ancient mabati house with the assistance of her other children, with whom she is able to make ends meet.

She is pleading with any lawyer who is willing to provide her with free services in order to obtain justice to contact her. She claims that the land was intended to be equitably shared among her children, and that it was unfair for the firstborn to be forced to sell his share of the property.

She has documentation proving that she was the one who purchased the land in the first place.


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Kenyan Margaret Margaret Wambui Wambui wa Mwangi


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